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Infinity ZR

Sintering Furnace

The Whip Mix Infinity ZR Sintering Furnace features the latest technology to give you many years of dependable service. With 30 programs and four stages, the Whip Mix Infinity ZR furnace has been designed to offer the user flexibility and consistently accurate sintering of zirconia materials.

  • Working temperature: 1550°C (2822°F)
  • 30 user-programable programs with up to 4 stages
  • Thermal Web Technology reflects infrared heat for more even heating
  • Delay start time up to  8 hours
  • Up to 3 uniquely designed, lidded sintering trays can be stacked
  • Up to 60 units sintered at a time
Electrical Power Requirements208-230V 50/60Hz Single Phase, 40 Amps, 9200W
Overall Dimensions18” W x 16.5” D x 29” H (73.7cm x 45.7cm x 42cm)
Heating Chamber Dimensions6.0” W x 8.36” D x 6.0” H (15.24 cm x 21.25 cm x 15.24 cm) (4.93 Litre)
Shipping Weight145 lbs. (65.8 kg)
Maximum Temperature1550°C (2822°F)
Number of Programs30
Number of Stages/Program1-4, User defined
DELAY START0 – 4.0 hours
HVAC Load31,320 BTU/Hour
HEAT RATE1 – 104°F/min. (1 – 40°C/min.)
HOLD TIME0 – 4 hours on each stage
Item No. Description
96500 Infinity ZR Sintering Furnace - includes 1 lidded sintering tray, 1 (8 oz.) jar of sintering beads and 1 spatula
Lidded Sintering Tray
Lidded Sintering Tray
Lidded Sintering Tray
Item No: 96502
Sintering Beads
Sintering Beads
8 oz. Jar of Sintering Beads
Item No: 96501
Sintering Tray Saptula
Sintering Tray Spatula
Sintering Tray Spatula
Item No: 96503