Hands on Dental Sleep & Pain – Dental CE Course Description

How do you increase your proficiency in new skills? 

Many dental sleep medicine and TMD weekend trainings only have time to cover the basic concepts, terminology, and didactic protocols, leaving a large gap in the most crucial stage of learning new skills.

It’s time to learn by doing! Increase your dental sleep medicine and TMD skills through 2 full days of hands-on clinical training from leading dental sleep & pain mentor Dr. Mayoor Patel, DDS, MS.

This program will give you the confidence you need to achieve your implementation and growth goals in dental sleep medicine and TMD.

Course Objectives

  • Integrate and practice all key elements of the exams and workups for sleep apnea and TMD visits with fellow attendees.
  • Learn and practice treatment protocols including sleep and TMD bite registrations, temporary sleep appliances and splints, trigger-point injections, & more.
  • Practice communication techniques for increasing case acceptance, patient compliance, and referral building.

200 Ashford Center North #195, Atlanta, GA 30338, USA