The purpose of this course is to help you develop mastery with complex cases involving precise sequencing and interdisciplinary coordination. After completing this course, you will be will able to define the role of periodontics and orthodontics in the comprehensive restorative plan. You will understand the nuances of tooth preparation and tissue management. You will be able to begin development of complex treatments and seek specialty support with confi­dence. We’ll help you:

  • Start the process of developing statements of col­la­boration with specialists.
  • Engage in a pre-clinical interview and exam that is patient-centered and relationship-based. State your philosophy of practice as a result of being influenced by Dr. Pankey’s philosophy of dentistry.
  • Develop a philosophically based fee for complex cases.

Under the expert guidance of our faculty, you will:

  • Define the role of biologic width in restorative practice.
  • Identify steps in managing tissue for impression making.
  • Identify steps in executing an excellent impression for lab-fabricated restorations.
  • Identify the role of the periodontist in developing complex restorative cases.
  • Identify the role of the orthodontist in developing complex restorative cases.
  • Differentiate between data gathering in an exam and creating a learning experience for patients.
  • Be able to work up a complex case and create a sequence of treatment.

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