Accomplishing exquisite all ceramic restorative results is a combination of preparation technique, materials selection and technical execution. We will walk through the process from beginning (treatment planning) to the end (seating the restorations).  Tips for technical success and the knowledge to execute these cases with exquisite results will be presented.

This program will present an approach to plan margin placement and tooth reduction to accomplish the proposed tooth position, contour and color of the new restorations as well as assuring functional success. It is challenging to select from one of the many choices of esthetic restorative materials that are available. We will discuss the esthetic and functional parameters of each material to facilitate appropriate material selection. An efficient and effective process for streamlining tooth preparation will be presented. The concept of seating all ceramic restorations is a vast choice of dental materials and we will cover which ones to use when.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Anterior full & partial coverage preparation design
  • Posterior partial coverage preparation design
  • Preparation planning
  • All Ceramic materials
  • Retraction & impression
  • Provisionalization techniques for full and partial coverage
  • Bonding & cementation

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