This “can’t miss” course will empower Team Members, Technicians, and Doctors to bring their skills to excellence.

During this dynamic hands-on course, led by Pankey clinical team member, Sandra Caicedo, participants will learn and experience how to make bite splints with a very high degree of accuracy. This course will include how to ensure predictability by making better material choices, taking excellent impressions and will demonstrate the use and application of the facebow. Participants will get hands-on experience and learn how to accurately articulate models, understand the rationale for bite splint therapy, and how to fabricate bite splints.

Your evening will be spent discovering various communication styles that will benefit your relationships with your patients, your doctors, your clients, and your team members.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Take excellent, accurate impressions
  • Use and apply information measured with the facebow
  • Integrate a highly predictable technique for fabricating bite splints
  • Understand the rationale for bite splint therapy
  • Determine ideal choices in material selection
  • Communicate with patients and coworkers more effectively

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