This course is designed to present what is the leading edge in treating TMD and facial pain, and also emphasize the foundation skills you need to be on the leading edge. Dentistry is emerging as a main player in total body health addressing the issues of whole-body inflammation, Airway, and Cranial/Cervical/Dental alignment. Temporomandibular Disorders and Obstructive Sleep Apnea are both end-stage diseases. Being able to identify problems before major symptoms develop can positively alter the course of a patient’s life. The rewards you receive in improving the lives of others is beyond words.

Learning Objectives
  • The basic foundation skills needed to be successful in the diagnosis and treating facial pain
  • TMD is not a single disease: It is 190 different diseases with different treatments
  • What is new now and future trends in diagnosing and treating TMDs
  • Most TMDs are end-stage diseases: How to identify early and prevent future TMD patients
  • Whole body inflammation and its role in facial pain
  • Dentistry’s ever-expanding role into total body health: How to be on the leading edge
  • The Airway and TMD connection: Identifying airway issues before apnea develops
  • Pediatric Airway: Screening, Diagnosing and Treating
  • Many different approaches to making more room for the tongue
  • The “Other” diseases of facial pain
  • Occlusal Muscle Dysfunction is still very relevant: identifying and treating

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