This fast-paced exciting course is designed for certified doctors with low to moderate case submissions, interested in delivering better dentistry.

Would you like to submit more Invisalign™ cases and complete them in a shorter length of time? Do you struggle to compose comprehensive treatment plans that incorporate minor tooth movement? Are you frustrated with unpredictable movements, extra refinements or worse yet, incompletely finished cases? This course is designed to help you incorporate aligner therapy into every day dentistry and deliver healthy, beautiful functional smiles, EVERY TIME. From simple to fully comprehensive, multidisciplinary cases,  learn how to seamlessly incorporate clear aligner therapy into your practice for better restorative results.


Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the need to incorporate tooth alignment into all treatment planning, at the start.
  • Determine if orthodontics will be treated in-house or referred.
  • How to select, develop and lead your interdisciplinary team.
  • Develop a complete phased, comprehensive treatment plan.
  • Master the Overlap Technique for maximum efficiency.
  • Understand the importance of a balanced, stable bite.
  • Learn the simple, basic principles, with easy to learn  memory aids to obtain excellent results, every time.
  • Learn the digital work flow for comprehensive treatment planning every type of case.
  • Case selection, treatment planning and review.
  • Hands on use of scanners and the latest technology.
  • Learn to set up your Clinchecks™ for success.

Minor tooth movement is now considered the standard of care as part of all restorative treatment, it will allow you to provide minimally invasive dentistry and how to follow simple steps to achieve it with every patient. Learn how to utilize Invisalign™ to achieve excellent outcomes for all patients from minor restorative, to full reconstruction.

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