3Shape Software

3Shape Dental System is known throughout the dental industry as the most powerful CAD/CAM design system in the world.

  • Empowering technicians with automation and productivity – 3Shape’s CAD Design software supports familiar workflows, provides the market’s most comprehensive dental indication support and greatly enhances productivity through extensive automation.
  • Continuous support – we are always behind you – 3Shape’s Dental System is backed by professional technical customer support and dedicated 3Shape Academy training programs.
  • With a 3Shape license you stay ahead – Your annual Dental System license entitles you to free system patches and software upgrades, ensuring that you continuously maintain your competitive edge by working with the best technologies available.
View the Dental System 2018 – Scanner & Software Configurations worksheet, as Dental System programs vary depending on scanner model. Add-on modules and system upgrades are available.
Add-On Modules

Abutment Designer

Model the full anatomy and apply it directly in the abutment design process to visualize and tune your results towards achievement of optimal esthetics. Abutment Designer™ supports scanning of wax-up abutments and an extensive range of implant systems.

Implant Bar and Bridge Designer

3Shape’s solution supports stands and free-form bar shapes and enables virtual addition to any type of attachment, locator and retention hole. Enjoy significant material savings while drastically cutting overall production time.

Model Builder

Now you can easily produce all lab models locally – either in-house or through your manufacturing center – completely bypassing slow and expensive manufacturing services bound to the scanner device.

Removable Partial Design

3Shape’s scanner rapidly captures the gypsum model with high accuracy ensuring a perfect fit. This is followed by a digital design process that intuitively mimics the familiar manual steps, including automatic blocking out of undercuts, design of retention grid, connectors, lingual plates/bars, and addition of clasps.


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