Whip Mix 4000 Series

With Tracking Condylar Guidance

4000 Series Articulators:

  • Elimination of crossbar allows for enhanced visibility and lingual access during denture set-up
  • Easy-to-operate locking mechanisms allow:
    • Positive centric locking
    • Ability to move through excursive movements
    • Removal of upper member
  • Adjustable condylar inclination: 0-70°
  • Adjustable progressive side shift: 0-25°
  • Fixed intercondylar distance: 110mm
  • “Accumount” system of interchangeability which allows accurate transfer of casts between articulators
  • Support rod allows upper member stability when articulator is open
  • Comes complete with: flat incisal table, dual-end incisal pin, 4 disposable mounting plates, instruction manual

Model 4640 Articulator Features:

  • Closed condylar track

Model 4641 Articulator Features:

  • Modified condylar track
Item No. Description
02275 Model 4640 Articulator Buy
02278 Model 4641 Articulator Buy
02276 Model 4640Q Articulator with Magnetic Mounting System Buy
02279 Model 4641Q Articulator with Magnetic Mounting System Buy
8780B Carrying Case Item No: 18155 Buy
Universal Tote Bag Item No: 18156 Buy
Adjustable Guide Table for Whip Mix Articulator Item No: 010631-000 Buy
Support Rod Assembly Item No: 02287 Buy
"QM" Magnetic Mounting Plates Item No: 28710 Buy
2407 Dual-End Incisal Pin Item No: 01745 Buy
8580B Plastic Mounting Plates Item No: 28509 Buy