Apnea RX

ApneaRx is specifically designed to treat mild to moderate sleep apnea, and is the only affordable boil and bite device that comes in two sizes, Standard and Small, and is easily adjustable by 1mm increments. The patent pending design gently holds the lower jaw in a slightly forward position. This technology is called “mandibular repositioning” and is proven to achieve positive results by allowing more air to flow freely during sleep.

ApneaRx uses the mandibular advance technology to gently hold your patient’s lower jaw in a slightly forward position. ApneaRx is reimbursed by many private insurers under HCPCS Code E0485 – prefabricated oral appliance. Please check with the insurance company to confirm its coverage policies.

Item No. Description
20012160 Apnea RX - Standard Buy
20012161 Apnea RX - Small Buy