Asiga PICO2

Fast, accurate and affordable. The Asiga printer is open to most resins. Designed for both desktop precision and large scale mass customization production, there is an Asiga printer that will meet your laboratory needs.

Whip Mix has a full range of resin materials available for model production, surgical guides and casting. All these materials are fully qualified and are available today.


The PICO2 is a high power, compact 3D printer for direct manufacturing of quadrant dental models, and crown & bridge casting patterns.

Composer Software

Composer is the software interface to all of the Asiga 3D printers.


  • Final Check – measurement tool
  • Load Multiple Builds – onboard PC to store multiple builds
  • Flexible Supports – avoid collisions
  • STL/SLC or Both – load STL & SLC into the same build
  • Add Casting Sprue – streamline casting workflow
  • Dynamic Array – maximize build area usage
  • Auto Supports – for greater user efficiency
  • Multi-Operating System – Apple, Windows & Linux
  • License Free – free updates, forever
  • Multi-Stacking – maximize Z height usage
  • User Control – full user access to build settings
  • Remote Control – login to your 3D printer remotely
  • Build Time Estimator – schedule workflow

Technical Specifications

Pixel Size (X,Y)
39 μm (PICO2 39) | 50 μm (PICO2 50)
Build Size (X,Y,Z)
51.2 x 32 x 75mm (PICO2 39) | 64 x 40 x 75mm (PICO2 50)
Z Resolution
Variable in 1μm
Light Source
High Powered LED - UV 385 or 405nm
Material System
Open - Use any 3rd Party Material - Qualified with Whip Mix Resins
File Inputs
Composer Included
Network Compatibility
WIFI & Ethernet
System Size
260 x 380 x 370mm
System Weight
12VDC 10AC
Item No. Description
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