Denar® D5A

Fully Adjustable Articulator

Fully-adjustable fossae walls can be easily adjusted to duplicate patient’s condylar path of movement as recorded by the Pantograph or Cadiax.


  • Protrusive angle: 0-60°
  • Immediate side shift: 0-4mm
  • Progressive side shift: 0-30°
  • Rear wall 30° backward
  • Top wall 30° up, 30° down
  • Intercondylar distance: 90-150mm
  • Comes complete with: adjustable incisal table, custom (step) incisal table, long centric incisal pin, 10 disposable mounting plates, wrench pack, carrying case and instruction manual
Item No. Description
110260-1 D5A Fully-Adjustable Articulator Buy
Converter Plates (2) Item No: 20002367 Buy
Disposable Magnetic Mounting Plates (100) Item No: 20002369 Buy
Disposable Mounting Plates Item No: 1100026-100 Buy
D5A Fossa Inserts Item No: 110065-4P Buy
D5A Fossa Inserts Item No: 110066-1P Buy
D5A Fossa Inserts Item No: 110066-3P Buy