Denar® Slidematic with QuickLock Toggle

Allows for quick, easy and accurate transfer of the proper maxillary relationship from patient to the articulator.


  • Convenient: the detachable quick lock toggle assembly allows you to use the facebow on the next patient
  • Simple: the quick lock toggle helps prevent rotation of the bitefork and documents the patient’s bite record by tightening just one knob
  • Adaptable: fits most Denar®, Hanau™ and Whip Mix® Articulators
  • The quick lock toggle shaft assembly fits standard Slidematic bow
  • Comes complete with: one measuring bow, Denar® transfer jig assembly (QLT), other needed accessories, instruction manual and carrying case
Item No. Description
200012-1 Slidematic Facebow with QuickLock Toggle- with 1 Denar® Jig Buy
Hanau™ Articulator Index Item No: 200082 Buy
Bitefork/Shaft Assembly for QuickLock Toggle Item No: 200008 Buy
Shaft Assembly for QuickLock Toggle Item No: 200018-1 Buy
Bitefork for QuickLock Toggle Item No: 200038 Buy
Whip Mix® Index for "QM" System w Accessories Item No: 200088QA Buy
Hanau™ Articulator Index with Cast Support Item No: 20009819 Buy
Whip Mix® Index for "QM" System Item No: 200088Q Buy
Reference Plane Locator Ruler Item No: 3266 Buy
Whip Mix® Articulator Index Item No: 200088 Buy
Whip Mix Magnetic Cast Support with Boot Item No: 20011391 Buy