GEM Pulse Oximeter Screening System

The GEM is an easy to use Pulse Oximeter that utilizes cloud technology for convenient and prompt readings. The GEM is designed to assess the functioning of the airway using SPO2 and variations in heart rate to measure how well the airway is functioning. The Oximeter measures the blood oxygen level and heart rate then transmits the data to the Galaxy Tablet for storage and processing.

Designed for Dentists

  • Screening patients for potential airway obstruction before treatment
  • Titrate sleep appliances on-line, reducing number of office visits
  • Oxygen Desaturation: Proprietary oxygen analysis provides essential information about breathing while asleep
  • Heart Rate: Documents changes in heart rate during sleep
Item No. Description
20012130 GEM Pulse Oximeter Screening System (Comes with: Pulse Oximeter, Tablet, App, PC Software & Case) Buy