Glass Beads

Glass beads for use in removing investment from Crown & Bridge alloys and pressable ceramics.

  • Safe for divesting Pressable Ceramics, Press to zirconia, Press to Captek, Press to metal, Metal castings
  • Small particle size allows for smoother flow (50 microns)
  • Compatible with other micro blasters, recommended for use with Whip Mix Xcavator
  • User friendly packaging in convenient resealable container to reduce moisture with a study handle for carrying

Not to be used as a metal conditioner (porcelain to metal)

Available in 50# pail, 10.5 x 10.5 x 13.5

Item No. Description
09805 Glass Beads - (50 micron) 50 lb. Pail
Bead Dryer Belt (115V) Item No: 09806