Hanau™ 96H2

Semi-Adjustable, Non-Arcon

Condylar guidances are associated with the lower member, which simulates the multiple functions of the Glenoid Fossa in centric, protrusive, and right and left lateral positions. Enclosed track design prevents vertical displacement of the condylar element when waxing or making excursive movements with the instrument.

96H2 Articulator Features:

  • Progressive side shift: 0-30°
  • Protrusive angle: 0-75°
  • Comes complete with: Adjustable incisal guide, standard incisal pin, extension pin, orbitale indicator, 10 disposable mounting plates, instruction manual and carrying case
Item No. Description
003302-000 96H2 Articulator Buy
Disposable Mounting Plates Item No: 1100026-100 Buy
Converter Plates (2) Item No: 20002367 Buy
Disposable Magnetic Mounting Plates (100) Item No: 20002369 Buy
Orbital Indicator- Frankfort Horizontal Plane Item No: 005052-000 Buy
Adjustable Incisal Guide Item No: 009551-000 Buy
Plastering Stand 96-0 Item No: 003368-000 Buy
Standard Incisal Pin Item No: 003330-000 Buy