Model Printing

You have a choice between two technologies for printed models:

  • The first option is the 3D Systems 3510MP Printer using Pearlstone resin which produces dimensionally accurate models in a surface that simulates the look and feel of gypsum. The Plaster-like appearance is suited for C&B, partial denture and Ortho models. Colors options are White, Blue or Ivory.
  • The second option is the Asiga Pro2 75 Printer using VeriModel Resin which produces dimensionally accurate models with a smooth plastic appearance. The high definition resin is suited for C&B and Orthodontic forming models. Color is Golden Brown.

DTS printed models are offered in three configurations — Full arch, Quadrant and Peace-of-Mind (Fit / Check). Model pricing includes 1 die with a charge for additional dies

Full Arch

  • Small base printed model
  • Horseshoe – no palate


  • Standard quadrant size

Peace of Mind Segment (Fit/Check)

  • One die with one adjacent tooth on each side