Preference Soft Denture Liner

Rediscover Soft Liners. Bring comfort back to dentures with the new Preference Soft Denture Liner System. It’s incredibly soft, yet incredibly strong.

The secret behind this superior liner is the unique process. Utilizing the Preference Pressure Pot, the soft denture liner is cured at 80 psi for 14 hours, creating a denture liner so robust it will last for years.

Benefits include:

  • A soft liner with natural-like feel to denture fit
  • A soft liner that snaps up and around the ridge, even uneven ridges
  • A soft liner that provides a long-lasting, soft cushion
  • A soft liner that provides a strong seal to protect against delamination
  • A soft liner that is ideal for new, rebased and relined dentures
Item No. Description
20011930 Preference Soft Denture Liner Intro Kit (Includes: 4oz. tube of liner, 15ml primer w/brush, 12 finishing fiber wheels & 3 mandrel)
20011860 Preference Soft Denture Liner - 11 oz.
20011861 Preference Soft Denture Liner - 12 pk (11 oz. tube)
20011850 Preference Denture Liner - 4 oz.
20011851 Preference Soft Denture Liner - 12 pk (4 oz. tube)
20011870 Preference Primer - 15 ml.
20011871 Preference Primer 15 ml. - 12pk
Preference Pressure Pot Item No: 20011920
3" Abrasive Wheel - Fine (Brown) Item No: 20011892
3" Abrasive Wheel - Regular (Grey) Item No: 20011891
Preference Red Fiber Wheels Item No: 20011880
Preference Brown Fiber Wheels Item No: 20011890
Preference Brown Tapered Fiber Wheels Item No: 20011900
Preference Mandrels Item No: 20011910
Preference Adjustment Wheel kit Preference Adjustment Wheels Kit (Clinical) Item No: 20011940