Preppies Plus®

Unit Dose Flour of Pumice Paste with Chlorhexidine

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Preppies Plus® pumice paste has been specifically formulated with 2.0% chlorhexidine gluconate for dental professionals requiring a cleaning and disinfecting agent. Each cup provides enough flour of pumice paste for a single use, thus providing optimum infection control.

  • Contains no fluoride, oils or added flavoring agents
  • Silky smooth paste with minimal splatter
  • Clean and disinfect the tooth surface prior to restoration cementation
  • Clean and disinfect the tooth surface prior to acid etching procedures
Item No. Description
03410 Preppies Plus® with Chlorhexidine (Jar of 100 1.3-gram Cups)
Trial Pack
03411 4-1.3g cups of Preppies Plus Buy