UViTRON UV IntelliRay 600 Curing Unit

Whip Mix introduces the UViTRON IntelliRay 600 curing unit. It is a UV light flood curing system that offers the ideal light range for curing Dentca denture materials. It is part of the Whip Mix 3D Printed Denture System due to the following features:

  • Curing time of 20 minutes
  • The unit features a wide range of light (320-390nm)
  • High capacity – up to 12 dentures
  • Fully enclosed curing chamber
  • Audible beep when the cycle is finished
  • Cooling system to ensure reliability of the components
  • Integrated exposure shutter for highest protection from UV radiation
  • A long life 600-Watt metal halide-type lamp and parabolic reflector
  • Illuminates an 8 x 6 inch curing area with evenly distributed 115mW/cm2 (600W) UVA light
Item No. Description
71270 UViTRON UV Curing Unit (Complete)
UViTRON Intelliray 600 Lamp Head Item No: 71272
UViTRON Rayven UV Curing Oven Item No: 71274
UViTRON Flood Filter Glass 3.3mm Item No: 71275
UViTRON UVA 600 w/ Lamp Item No: 71276
UViTRON Intelliray Shutter Shade Item No: 71277
UViTRON Fan Filter Elements - Pkg 5 Item No: 71278
UViTRON Thumbscrew for Cover Assembly Item No: 71279