For Direct-Firing Ceramics

One of the most useful and efficient laboratory materials available today, V.H.T. is an extremely fine-grained phosphate investment with an ample working time of 4-5 minutes. This outstanding refractory material can withstand repeated firings at furnace temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees C (2,200 degrees F). Compatible with high-expanding porcelains, V.H.T. is the pioneer high temperature refractory material that has proved itself in many thousands of restorations since its introduction in 1984.


Technical Specifications

Liquid/Powder Ratio
Working Time
4-5 minutes
Setting Expansion
Compressive Strength (1 hour)
2,500 psi (17MPa)
Compressive Strength (after firing)
4,800 (34MPa)
Thermal Expansion 500ºC (932ºF), 2nd Firing
Maximum Furnace Temperature
1,200ºC (2,200ºF)
Item No. Description
18474 24 - 60 g Package
Special Liquid Concentrate
02135 340mL Bottle
02194 1 Liter Bottle
02130 6pk / 340mL Bottles
02190 6pk / 1 Liter Bottles