VeriSplint OS 3D Print Resin

First FDA Cleared 3D Printable Hard Splint Material

Whip Mix has developed a 3D printed resin that is rigid and durable for dental splints.  The additive manufacturing of splints provides a high level of efficiency by removing several lengthy steps and lowering the cost of materials. It also brings a greater degree of digital design flexibility into the process, which improves both the lab’s and the patient’s experience.

Features of VeriSplint OS:

Though VeriSplint 3D printing resin is fast to print, it produces an accurate, high-quality, economical splint. Customers can now 3D print on a full build platform with up to four splints in under ONE hour, at just $5.00 – $6.00 per splint.

It is a fully biocompatible material, with FDA 510(k). It has also been validated on Asiga 385nm DLP printers and the Otoflash curing unit.

Additional VeriSplint features include:

  1. The highest mechanical bending and breaking strength (without brittleness)
  2. Wear /scratch resistance
  3. Color stability
  4. Resistance to staining
  5. Transparency
  6. Biocompatibility
  7. Polishability
  8. Cost effectiveness
  9. Two year shelf life



In accordance with ISO 10993-1 guidance, Whip Mix proudly passed all of the testing required by its categorization. VeriSplint OS is a fully biocompatible resin and meets the requirements of ISO 10993-1:2009


Note: VeriSplint OS is available in the US only.

Technical Specifications

Properties based on ISO 20795-2
Ultimate Flexural Strength
≥ 100 MPa
Flexural Modulus
≥ 2500 MPa
Maximum Stress Intensity Factor
Total Fracture Work
< 1
Residual Monomer
< 0.10%
Biocompatibility (ISO 10993-1:2009)
Item No. Description
71174 VeriSplint OS Clear 3D Print Resin 1kg