Whip Mix Fiber Wheels

Whip Mix Fiber Wheels are available for use on multiple materials including soft liners, acrylics, Denture Teeth, green state Zirconia, freshening Partial frames prior to re-polish and even gypsum.

The one inch (1”) by three eights (3/8”) wheels are available in Red square Edge (fine), Brown square Edge (course) and Brown Tapered Edge (course).

These wheels require a Mandrel.

The Abrasive Wheel Regular and Fine are great for gross reduction on acrylics.

Item No. Description
Red Fiber Wheels Item No: 20011880
Brown Fiber Wheels Item No: 20011890
3" Abrasive Wheel - Regular (Grey) Item No: 20011891
3" Abrasive Wheel - Fine (Brown) Item No: 20011892