Denar® Remount Record Jig

The Denar® Remount Record Jig allows you to mount the working casts at Bonwill’s Equilateral Triangle on all Denar® Mark 300 series articulators.  The sleek, ergonomic design is both lightweight and durable. Flat table with guide lines Centers cast in … Continue reading

Denar Remount Record Jig

Denar® Slidematic Facebow

Possibly the fastest facebow system you will ever use. A fast, easy and accurate means of transferring proper maxillary relationships. Features: Precision speed-glide gear mechanisms permits the facebow to open and close on the axis Convenient detachable transfer jig mounts to the … Continue reading

Slidematic Facebow

Denar® Bite Registration Wax

Preformed wax wafers accurately capture patient bite records. Malleable when warmed, brittle-hard when cooled Tapered wafer allows more even penetration by the teeth from back to front One-piece records are easier to control and securely seat casts in cross arch … Continue reading

Denar Bite Registration Wax

Denar® Slidematic with QuickLock Toggle

Allows for quick, easy and accurate transfer of the proper maxillary relationship from patient to the articulator. Features: Convenient: the detachable quick lock toggle assembly allows you to use the facebow on the next patient Simple: the quick lock toggle … Continue reading

Slidematic Facebow with QLT

Denar® FlexTrack

Converts Denar® Mark 320 or Mark 310 articulators to a closed tracking system in one easy step. Simply slide it on until it “clicks” into place and you’re ready to go. Fits Mark 310 & 320 Articulators Packaged as a … Continue reading

Denar FlexTrack

Denar® Deprogrammer

The Denar® Deprogrammer is used to deprogram sore muscles and create centric stops It has the appropriate width for stability and a flat, permissive bottom surface allowing free movement of the teeth

Denar Deprogrammer

TMJ Tutor

TMJ Tutor: Easy demonstration of the patient’s TMJ condition Inserts demonstrate individual malocclusion Corresponding splints demonstrate the reposition of teeth and the effects on joints Comes complete with: Five mandibular arch inserts, four splint/appliance inserts, stand, patient handouts (pkg. 100) and … Continue reading

TMJ Tutor