Denar® Universal Occlusal Stand

The Denar® Universal Occlusal Stand allows you to mount the working casts at Bonwill’s Equilateral Triangle on Denar®, Hanau™, and Whip Mix® (“QM”) articulators. Per lab owner, Al Fillastre, the new occlusal stand “allows the confident use of the articulator to capture all of its functional benefits even when a facebow is not available.”

  • Convenient: Includes two interchangeable tables – flat and curved.  The flat table accepts the Kois Index Tray.
  • Adjustable: Both the flat and curved tables may be set at 0° or 10° requiring only a small height adjustment.
  • Adaptable: Fits most Denar®, Hanau™ and Whip Mix® articulators.
Item No. Description
20011720 Universal Occlusal Stand Buy
Denar/Hanau Thread Adaptor Item No: 20011711 Buy
Curved Table Item No: 34213 Buy
Flat Table Item No: 20011713 Buy
Taper Pin (1) Item No: 20011665 Buy
Fence Item No: 20011717 Buy