Whip Mix® Indirect Mounting Facebow

Indirect Mounting Facebows:

  • Whip Mix® facebows provide a convenient, quick and accurate method of securing an axis location without the use of expensive equipment and time-consuming techniques.

Model 9185 Features:

  • Indirect mounting for easier access, increased stability, greater ease of use and optimum instrument efficiency
  • Once the registration is obtained, the transfer assembly is removed for mounting, freeing the facebow for the next patient
  • Compatible to 2000, 3000, 4000 Series Whip Mix® articulators
  • Adaptable to Whip Mix® 8500, Hanau™ Wide-Vue and Modular articulators with additional accessories
  • Comes complete with: Whip Mix® indirect facebow, transfer assembly, transfer base assembly, 8609 facebow fork and 8686 support bar
Item No. Description
34126 9185 Facebow Buy
34358 9185Q Facebow for Magnetic Mounting System Buy
9197 Transfer Assembly for 8500 Articulators Item No: 34436 Buy
9188 Transfer Assy for 2000, 3000, 4000 Artic Item No: 34371 Buy
9176A Transfer Base Assembly Item No: 34444 Buy
9176QA "QM" Magnetic Transfer Base Assembly Item No: 28705 Buy
8679 Cross Bar Item No: 06890 Buy
New Dentulous Bitefork Item No: 04466
New Edentulous Bitefork Item No: 04482
8609 Facebow Fork (Dentulous Bitefork) Item No: 04464 Buy
8631 Facebow Fork - offset stem (Edentulous Bitefork) Item No: 04480 Buy
8587 Fork Support Item No: 33359 Buy
9174 "QM" Fork Support Item No: 28706 Buy