Model Trimmer Accessories

Orthodontic Work Table

A precision calibrated, easily adjustable work table offering near vertical cutting force. Comes with durable Vertisquare, Angle Guide and Template. Fits 12″ size.

Electric Water Valve

Regulates water supply in conjunction with the trimmer’s on/off switch, saving water and eliminating constant flow adjustment.

Sediment Tray

Mounted on large resilient rubber feet with outlet adjustable to either side or rear. Features built-in model shelf. Size: 18″ long x 16-1/2″ wide x 3″ deep (43.0 cm x 36.5 cm) wide.

Water Spray Attachment

A lever-operated water spray head for easy cleaning of casts.

Splash Shield

Clear plastic shield provides protection from water spray/debris.

Model Trimmer Wheel

12″ Abrasive wheel available in medium, coarse and extra coarse grits. 10″ available in medium grit.

Blue Wonder Diamond Wheels

Diamond particles embedded in fiberglass substrate provide fast, aggressive cutting action. One year guarantee. Available in 10-inch and 12-inch sizes.

12-Inch PSA Disc

Pressure Sensitive discs available in 50 grit.

Conversion Kit

Allows conversion from abrasive wheel to Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Disc System (PSA). Standard kit contains three 50 grit discs, plus a 12″ or 10″ Plastic Backing Disc.

Item No. Description
Blue Wonder Diamond Wheel (with gasket)
25135 #30432 12" Super Abrasive (70 grit)
28614 #30430 10" Super Abrasive (70 grit)
09602 Clean-Cut Wheel Cleaner
Model Trimmer Wheel (with gasket)
29327 #30293 10" Coarse Abrasive (24 grit)
12963 #30102 10" Medium Abrasive (36 grit)
12998 #30097 12" Medium Abrasive (36 grit)
13005 #30292 12" Coarse Abrasive (24 grit)
13013 #30138 12" Extra Coarse Abrasive (16 grit)
12777 #35015 Orthodontic Work Table Includes Vertisquare, Angle Guide and Template
12823 #34008 Electric Water Valve (115V/60Hz)
12939 #35175 Water Spray Attachment
22373 #35173 Splash Shield
22590 White plastic sediment tray. Fits most model trimmers
PSA Disc (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Disc)
13056 #30433 Box of 4 Discs
13064 #30433 Box of 25 Discs
Conversion Kit (from Abrasive Wheel to PSA Disc)
13730 12" Plastic Backup Disc w/3-50 Grit PSA Discs