ISO Type 4

UltiRock is an exceptionally creamy, hard premium stone for every type of gypsum application. It’s smooth non-reflective surface and high durability makes trimming full models, ditching dies and scanning easy and reliable.

In addition, UltiRock has a silky smooth consistency while mixing and the stone’s flowability and precision enables it to reproduce minute detail.

Physical Properties

Water/Powder Ratio
Working Time
5-7 minutes
Setting Time
10-13 minutes
Setting Expansion
Compressive Strength, Wet (1hr)
7,200psi (49 MPa)
Compressive Strength, Dry (48hrs)
11,000psi (76 MPa)
Item No. Description
Golden Brown
35025 UltiRock- 5 kg (11lb.) Package
35036 UltiRock- 22 kg (50 lb.)
35037 UltiRock- 22 kg (50 lb.)
35038 UltiRock- 22 kg (50 lb.)
Trial Pack
35033 UltiRock Trial Pack Golden Brown 1lb Buy